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School streets project and one way system

We are encouraging students to walk, wheel or cycle into school, to enhance the safety and well-being of everyone as we begin to reopen.


To encourage as many as possible to actively travel to school and to support social distancing measures, Brent Council, with TfL, are introducing a temporary ‘School Street’ on Mount Stewart Avenue for Mount Stewart Infant & Junior Schools on 7th September 2020.


Reducing the number of cars around the school will help make the area safer and less congested and ensure the area is safe for our students, families and staff.


What is happening?

Temporary restrictions will be introduced on the road during pick-up and drop-off times, prohibiting vehicles (cars, vans etc.) on the road.


Mount Stewart Ave  will be closed to motor traffic between the hours of 8:15am-9:15am and 2:30pm-4:00pm from 7th September 2020, becoming a pedestrian and cycle zone during these hours during term time.  This will be for an initial six month period after which comments will be reviewed and then a decision will be made whether to make the scheme permanent.


Residents, blue badge holders and emergency vehicles will still be allowed access to the road during the outlined times. Signage will be installed to notify drivers of the changes and barriers will be used on Mount Stewart Avenue during the hours mentioned above.

Why is this happening?

In the short term, creating a School Street will:

  • Reduce congestion and pollution near the school.
  • Make it easier to implement social distancing measures as more people choose to walk, wheel or cycle to school.
  • Help increase confidence amongst the school community that it is safe to travel and return to school.


The result of this is a safer and healthier environment for everyone.


How can I have my say?

As there is still uncertainty with how schools will adapt to the full impact of pupils returning there may be some adjustments to the scheme in the future. If you require further information about the scheme, you wish to comment on the scheme or have suggestions about improvements, comments can be left at

Additional information is available at /schoolstreets.

What can I do to support this?

As we welcome children back to school, please consider walking, wheeling or cycling to drop offs and pick ups where possible.

We are extra mindful of safety and having fewer cars around the school will help us cut congestion. Plus, it’s fun and healthy.

There are lots of places you can go to get help planning your journey, understanding how long each option will take. If you do need to use your vehicle please adhere to the one way system using the correct entry and exit points.


Route Planning

Safety Checks

Before you ride, it’s important to make sure your child’s bike or scooter is safe. The following links will take you through basic bike and scooter safety checks.

Pupils can use our bike and scooter racks in both schools.


For up to date travel guidance from TfL, please visit  Please support us in safely reopening by travelling actively to and from school where at all possible.