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Nursery Information

Welcome to Mount Stewart Federation Nursery


We are delighted that you have chosen Mount Stewart Nursery for your child's early education. This information is designed to guide you through our offerings and address any queries you might have. Our nursery staff are always available to assist with any additional questions, ensuring a rewarding partnership throughout your child's time with us.


At Mount Stewart Nursery, we offer free places for eligible 2-year-olds with a 'Golden Ticket' and paid places as well. To arrange a visit, please email us at

Children are eligible for the nursery from the term after their 2nd birthday. The start dates are based on when they turn two:


  • Before or on 31st August: eligible from September.
  • From 1st September: eligible from January.
  • Up to 31st December: eligible from January.
  • Up to 31st March: eligible from April. Priority is given to children with ‘Achieving 2 Year Olds’ funding. For more details on eligibility, visit here.


Children will receive 15 hours per week during term time, all at Mount Stewart Nursery. If places remain unfilled, they may be offered to fee-paying children on the waiting list. Fees align with Brent Local Authority's guidelines for those not eligible for free entitlement.


For more information click here: Nursery Sessions


What You Can Expect From Us:

  • A warm welcome and introduction to our caring Nursery Staff.
  • High-quality care in an environment stimulating your child’s development and interests.
  • Developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Encouragement of your child’s sense of responsibility and independence.
  • Fair and equal treatment of every child, respecting your family’s religious and cultural beliefs.
  • Open communication regarding your child’s progress and any concerns.


What We Expect of You:

  • Punctuality in dropping off and picking up your child.
  • Notifying us if your child is unwell and unable to attend.
  • Labeling all clothing items.
  • Sharing any concerns about your child’s experience in our Nursery.
  • Encouraging your child’s independence at home.
  • Participation in parent mornings and events.


Nursery Helper Opportunity: If interested in volunteering, please refer to the details in the provided booklet. Contact:


Nursery Session Timings:

  • Morning: 8.45am-11.45am (15 hours weekly)
  • Afternoon: 12.35pm-3.35pm (15 hours weekly)
  • Full Day: 8.45am-3.35pm (30 hours, with optional lunchtime club)
  • Early Pick-Up at 3.20pm for families with older children in the school.
  • Alternative Full Day option: 8.45am-2.45pm to avoid additional lunchtime club cost.


We look forward to being an integral part of your child's learning and development journey.