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Mount Stewart
Infant School


Mount Stewart Infant School admits pupils from 4-7 years old. The number of available places are as follows:


  • 90 full-time reception places

  • 90 full-time Year 1 places

  • 90 full-time Year 2 places

As we are a community school, Brent Council local authority is responsible for allocating all Reception places at Mount Stewart Infant School. Parents should apply online using the link below.


The deadline to apply is:

• 15th January 2024


Applying for a School Place

As we are a community school we adhere to Brent local authority criteria for admitting pupils to Mount Stewart Infant School. Catchment areas are on the Brent Council website:  which will take you directly to the catchment area page. On this page, there is a link to the property database where you can input an address and it will tell you which catchment area the address belongs to.


Criteria for admission for Reception places:

1. Children with Statements of Special Educational Need (EHC plans)

2. Looked after children

3. Children with special medical or social needs

4. Siblings of children already attending the Infant or Junior Schools who live within the catchment area

5. Children living within the catchment area

6. Siblings of children already attending the Infant or Junior Schools who live outside the catchment area

7. All other applicants


Reception Admissions

Children born between 01 September 2019 to 31 August 2020 are eligible to start Reception from 01 September 2024


Please contact the school directly from October on 0208 907 5113 or email about Reception admissions for September 2024.  Applications for September 2023 need to be submitted by 15th January 2024.


Please note there is no automatic transfer from Mount Stewart Nursery to Mount Stewart Infant School. Parents must submit a separate application via